How you can donate and help Our Ministry

My family and I are sold out completely to God and His work. I have been called out to be a pastor, and am called out to a ministry of sharing God's Word through podcasts and video devotionals. Preparing and studying for these takes a lot of time and energy. Producing the videos and audio recordings involves a lot of equipment and software. If you want to be a help in this ministry you can join us through Patreon, or even just sharing the content and praying for my family and our ministries.

Whatever you do, we appreciate you, and hope and pray that the Lord blesses you with His presence and comfort.

ways you can donate:


Patreon, currently the only way we have linked in, so check it out.



If you get in touch with us through email we may be able to arrange something else, if you really want to give that one time donation.