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The Passion Has Arrived

The time has come, the Passion is here.

We have been excitedly dreaming about this since last December, and are extremely eager to show you how they turned out.

I don't have words to describe them just yet, but this yoyo is going to replace my Creation in my daily carry more often than not. If that doesn't sound like praise then I simply cannot express to you how good this feels.

I guess I can share just a few photos for now while I wait for the final pieces to come in and the proper lightbox photos to be taken. If you are one of the ones who reserved a spot then reach back out to me this weekend and we can arrange payment and get yours shipped to you. It will be coming with a Tin and a Stand just like the Creation. I am hoping for the card to be in this weekend and the custom strings in time to ship. Looking forward to your feedback.

EDIT: One last thing! If you want to be in the discussion and hear the latest on the Prototype and everything else that is B-Grade Yo-yos join us on the discord! Link is good for the next 7 days.

The lighting and angles aren't perfect on these shots, and I have done zero editing.

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tristan beck
tristan beck
Jul 06, 2023

Looks really cool! I will definitely look into getting this. It looks stunning!

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