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V.1 Prototype

As our first yoyo we felt it only appropriate to call this "The Creation"

Release Date: 05/16/2022

Colorway: "Eden Green" (Ultramarine Green, Pantone 18-5338 TCX)

Specs: Weighs in at 63.98 grams, 54 mm diameter, and a 43.8 mm width.

There are 4.56 mm in the active catch zone, with 9 mm before interacting with the ribs, and 26.5 mm before reaching the rims, leaving plenty of space to land all your favorite string tricks.

The play feels very stable and smooth, balanced, no floatiness and not like a rock. It holds its spin for a long time.

Hosting a double rim where both rims are made to be good for thumb grinds, with visually appealing spikes in the center cup, and ribs in the catch zone to help reduce friction and smooth out finger grinds.

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