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As our first yoyo, we felt it only appropriate to call this "The Creation"

Release Date: 09/02/2022

Colorways: F&F, Torrent, NMTBS, Spray-Tan, Blue-Grade

Specs: Weighs in at 63.98 grams, 54 mm diameter, and a 43.9 mm width.

We made only 3 very small adjustments from the first prototype to this: Longer and sharper spikes for a better matador experience, Slightly wider string gap to give the maximum space possible for string tricks, and the wall from the pads to the first slope was shortened to reduce string drag and increase overall performance. 

There are 4.5 mm in the active catch zone, with 9 mm before interacting with the ribs, and 26.6 mm before reaching the rims, leaving plenty of space to land all your favorite string tricks.

Hosting a double rim where both rims are made to be good for thumb grinds, with visually appealing spikes in the center cup, and ribs in the catch zone to help reduce friction and smooth out finger grinds.

This yoyo is a "W" shape that is intended to hearken back to the good old days in the 2007-2012 era that we love and miss so much. 

The play feels very stable and smooth, balanced, and a ton of fun. While it isn't a competition performer, it is not made to be. The Creation was designed to be one of the most fun and comfortable all-around throws you could get. We believe we made that happen.

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The Creation: Pro Gallery

Nate Martsolf

First Review.

Have a look at the first review of our Creation.

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Dylan Kowalski

Second review of the Creation.

Listen to what Dylan had to say about our Creation Yoyo.


(Language Warning)

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EOS 44

Third review has landed.

EOS absolutely hits it out of the park with his smooth playstyle and well-crafted review. Check out what he has to say about the Creation.

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