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Testing Complete

The first production run of the Creation has finally come in! Thought we could share some details now that they are all here.

We settled on 5 colorways based on the polling done through instagram, facebook, and friends and family. 3 solid colors: Mint, Orange, and Royal Blue. 2 Washes that will absolutely blow you away: Forbidden Fruit, and Torrent.

For names we decided to have a little fun: mint is called nMtbs, orange is Spraytan, Royal Blue is dubbed Blue-Grade. The Washes have their own play: Forbidden Fruit, A.K.A. F&F is a nice berry colored wash, Torrent looks like a raging storm of deep green and bright blue, it is our own happy little colorway so DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS COLORWAY!

As you hopefully notice, each name is a play on internet culture, terms that will be an easy pun to recognize for most of those in the community. While we really believe these colorways are seriously awesome, we know better than to take ourselves too seriously. Have a chuckle with us as we enjoy these names.

As of today all testing is completed and these are ready to go, just waiting for the final goodies to make their way to us so the packaging can be complete. There are a total of 132 grade-A yoyos that passed quality checks and testing.

I really do think that there's a color for everyone here, and these things look spectacular and play to match. Don't neglect to pick one up, you won't want to miss out on this drop.

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