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The First Testimonials Are Here

The Creation is out in the hands of several people now, and besides the three reviewers we posted on the main page there have been several who have shared their thoughts with us through social media.

Want to know what the everyday yoyo players think of the Creation? Read on to find out:

"Over the past week I have been using this yoyo almost exclusively just because of how nice it plays, relatively light on the string and just the right size to fit into a pocket for an everyday throw. The mate finish on the 7068 aluminum makes it a joy for all kinds of grids wether that be thumb grids on the two lips or just regular grinds on the groves machined on the main surface of the yoyo. The spikes on this yoyo are sharp! Almost as sharp as the thorns its balanced on in the first photo 😂 by far my favorite spikes I have used on a yoyo. In conclusion all around this is a great yoyo for day to day throws and will hold a nice spot in my collection."

ibleedhondared had this to say:

"It was great watching this project come together! Introducing the Creation from @bgradeyoyos With only a few throws I can already tell a lot of time and effort went into creating a very well balanced throw that floats through everything I have put it through so far. This is one sweet piece of Forbidden Fruit that I am stoked to add to my collection and spend a whole lot more time with. I cannot wait to see what B-Grade comes up with next."

One who remains Anonymous gave this:

"The creation is absolutely amazing. I'm not just trying to blow up smoke either. It plays great. Has an organicish feel but packs enough power to spin longer than others. And of course the ridges feel super good"

There have been several more who have reached back with feedback, so far all positive, but they haven't formed an official statement so we will keep you posted if they do.

For now, if you haven't gotten your hands on one yourself, then you should totally do that while you still have a chance. These are amazing yoyos and the longer you wait to pick one up is the longer you don't get to enjoy it.

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