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The Full Package

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Just wanted to introduce everyone to what you get in the B-Grade Unboxing Experience. Have a look at these:

Left to Right: The Tins, The Stands, The Goodies, The Yoyos


The String

We went with a custom Bad Wolfe Co String for these with a white and watermelon color scheme. They are thin, soft, whippy and fun. Full nylon isn't for everyone, but for those who love them Bad Wolfe Co has several lines of nylon or blended strings in various thicknesses and every color combination you could want to have.

For those who just want plain white Polyester string, I included a white Duncan Polyester string in every pack. Pick your favorite, or use your own, I won't judge.

The Stickers

One of my favorite parts of getting yoyos is collecting the stickers. It always feels so fun to unbox the yoyo and find a new sticker with a logo you don't have yet. Hopefully you keep these on your case, or somewhere else that you can collect them and enjoy the nostalgic feel of collecting the little things.

The Card

These collector's cards really finish the experience. I grew up in the 1990's (Yes I am old) during the whole Collector's Card craze (And yes, I was in on it). I miss the days that I was able to get excited to get a new card or booster pack or whatever. These cards also serve as a certificate of limitation so it will be easy to remember how many were made, the specs, the release date, etc.


These Stands are Awesome!

They have a retaining plate in the tin that can be installed in the bottom slot of the stand to keep your yoyo from rolling on the desk.

There is a large hole in the back that can be used to hold a spare Type-C bearing for those who swap between bearings.

There are a pair of holes on the back intended to be used with Drywall screws for those who would like to mount the stand to the wall.

The honeycomb pattern makes the stand pleasant, allowing the yoyo to peek through.

There are two small honeycombs on either side of the long bottom slot, this is for a retaining piece of string to be installed if you intend to use this as a long-term display.

These stands are custom-dyed and hand-finished, and they vary in color and shade from batch to batch.

F&F, Blue-Grade, Spray-Tan, NMTBS, Torrent

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