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The Stand

Alright, so, the stand...

  • I designed this stand to fit inside the tins I am using for the Creation, and designed it to cradle the Creation nicely inside and keep it from banging around. After all, why bother with janky options like foam, paper, or any kind of packing material, when I can add some functionality to your yoyo container?

  • Each Creation comes in its own tin, packaged with one of these custom stands. These stands are all hand-finished, and custom dyed, and they vary from batch to batch in color.

After something like 18 iterations and adjustments I finally have this lovely Honeycomb Desktop Display Stand for your enjoyment.

  • Big shout out to Hesperaux and Abrimetus for all the tips, advice, and help with designing these things!

  • We came to the decision that it would be nice to share the files, in case any of you want to take a shot at printing some of your own or want to tweak the design for a fit of your own larger yoyos.

  • You can find all the files here:

I really do love how these turned out.

Also, after I am done with all the ones I need for the drop there will be some extra mismatched colors that I could be persuaded to sell. I am thinking maybe $2.50 each would suffice? And if you would be interested in ordering one I might be able to try for your favorite color for about $3.00. Let me know through any of the Social Media avenues if you are interested.

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